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... by athletes. The university this week released a report that said lax oversight and silence created a system in which talented athletes were...
Wall Street Journal · 4 hours ago
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... on the high school campus for after-school outdoor activities." "Right now we have 300 student-athletes off site practicing," Andrews said.
Chicago Daily Herald · 1 hour ago
We have 30 and eight people going both ways. But they have some good athletes and a really good scheme, so it's hard to defend."
Chicago Daily Herald · 2 hours ago
That shirt attacked the NCAA, reading "National Communists Against Athletes." It is one of his greatest regrets.
Newsday · 2 hours ago
Have you seen David Beckham since he retired? Smart, sensible haircut. The Dana Wessel Haircut Test is something elite athletes know and respect.
Minneapolis Star Tribune · 4 hours ago
... that received Swedish massages in a federally funded study of whether these techniques might help athletes recover from a sports injury.
Washington Times · 5 hours ago
... subterfuge, run out of the African American studies department, an estimated 3,100 students were participants and 47.6% of those were athletes.
Los Angeles Times · 5 hours ago
In fact, I was here to write about how elite athletes have descended on New Zealand each August for decades, transforming its South Island...
Irish Times · 5 hours ago