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More than 110,000 people are killed every year in road accidents across the country, according to police.
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"This is a great country and for a number of years a product that should never have been prohibited has been," Shearin told "The Steve... · 4 hours ago  Explore story »
Beirut, April 16 (IANS) Lebanon cannot bear the burden of more Syrian refugees coming into the country and would work on limiting their number, the
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Prior to this position, he was Country Manager of France for World-Check, a provider of risk prevention services owned by Thomson Reuters...
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We can only build up our military power by making the country rich, and only with military power can we protect the country," Xi said.
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Sylvia Mathews Burwell , President Obama’s nominee to lead the country’s health care overhaul, remains entangled in a lawsuit brought by
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Even though Glasgow is Scotland's largest and most populated city, I consider it to be that country's second city behind Edinburgh, which wins...
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The greeting is used throughout the island country, where the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria of Great Britain...
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""He made a great sacrifice for this country and I was deeply saddened by his passing and shocked," said John Ascott, a resident and citizen...
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