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-- Earlier this month, three young Belgians were arrested at Charleroi airport as they prepared to fly to Greece.
CNN · 2 hours ago
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... and allow access to confined spaces and safely fly close to humans/rescue missions (Switzerland).
Yahoo! Finance · 2 hours ago
They will fly and drive down in droves to drown out what will still be a ton of Pats fans.
Sporting News · 5 hours ago
1,000 snipers. A no-fly zone. 15,000 surveillance cameras, dozens of bomb-sniffing dogs. India has been the target of attacks.
ABC News · 5 hours ago
... of stepping on that field come game day.” (on the challenges that the New England defense poses) “Well, they fly around first of all.
Seattle Times · 18 minutes ago
Even when air force capabilities are expanded, the NATO training mission must teach pilots not only how to fly new aircraft, but also use them...
Japan Times · 20 minutes ago
The area has been declared a no-fly zone and snipers will be positioned on rooftops along the route, where 15,000 new CCTV cameras have been...
Hindustan Times · 24 minutes ago
I can't front (pretend). "It's even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him.
Contactmusic · 33 minutes ago
Should transplantable kidneys become available when there is no cover, it is likely qualified staff would fly from the UK to harvest them for...
Irish Times · 1 hour ago