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1966 - Soviets launch Luna 9, which makes the first successful soft landing on the moon.
New Zealand Herald · 44 hours ago
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... give us the money necessary to go to the moon or Mars any time in the distant future," said Dale Ketcham from Space Florida. By landing on an...
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The singer said, as a small child, she witnessed the 1969 moon landings on ... off course when they fell to Earth in their landing capsule and had ...
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Currently, Moon Express is doing testing at the end of the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility.
Central Florida News 13 · 41 hours ago  Explore story »
... form 3-km human chain against gold, copper mine project 45th anniversary of US astronauts' Moon landing Isreali army organizes tour through...
Turkish Daily · Jan. 23, 2015
Johnson was building his Great Society, Johnny Unitas was tossing passes for the Colts and Apollo 11 was three years from landing on the moon.
Seattle Times · Jan. 22, 2015
The 1969 map of the moon pinpointed the landing sites of all but one of the 23 unmanned spacecraft that had touched down on the lunar surface...
National Geographic · Jan. 23, 2015  Explore story »
... trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, and the Apollo 11 command module that brought astronauts to the moon for the first landing in 1969. Placing the... · Jan. 23, 2015
... had been based at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral's next-door neighbor. Moon Express plans to fly... · Jan. 23, 2015  Explore story »