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The train was travelling from the city of Nanded in Maharashtra state to Hyderabad in neighboring Telangana.
Japan Today · 12 hours ago  Explore story »
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... and others have fled the advance of the Islamic State, which now exerts control over a broad swath of territory in Iraq and neighboring Syria.
Chicago Tribune · 15 hours ago  Explore story »
... government of President Bashar Assad, he joined other fighters in attacking military checkpoints, sometimes traveling to neighboring provinces.
Los Angeles Times · 15 hours ago  Explore story »
Life is no better for the 4.2 million people living in neighboring Liberia, where per capita income is $454, life expectancy is 62 years and...
CNN · 17 hours ago  Explore story »
Surveillance video from neighboring businesses showed a ball of flame scorching cars and a telephone pole as it flew across a street in the...
Yahoo! News · 15 hours ago  Explore story »
... healthcare training, cutting-edge research, and unparalleled healthcare services to Nigerians and citizens of neighboring West African States.
Sacramento Bee · 17 hours ago  Explore story »
... s handling of the situation, particularly the lack of more proactive action to address the civil war in neighboring Syria, which has become a...
National Journal · 13 hours ago  Explore story »
... as it churns out at least 25 new or upgraded models by 2017. Russia's weak demand has been aggravated by the crisis in neighboring Ukraine.
Yahoo! Finance · 15 hours ago  Explore story »
... the number of programs it runs in CAR from 10 to 21 and has set up six programs in neighboring countries to aid Central African refugees.
MSF-USA · 13 hours ago  Explore story »

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