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Colella has a undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Southern California, and a master’s degree in theology from Gordon...
Miami Herald · 2 hours ago
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(My personal philosophy on these questions has been: We have enough to worry about in this world.
Huffington Post · 2 hours ago
Dave had an expansive vision of cognitive science — ideas from psychology, linguistics, AI, statistics and philosophy infused his thinking.
NPR · 3 hours ago
It's been our philosophy, is we have to continue to recruit as we've said before the state of Chicago and the state of Illinois to the best of...
Detroit News · 4 hours ago
... up one day and not even like the person you're with." Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D. , a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Haifa , says...
Huffington Post · 4 hours ago
In that meeting, he made clear a lot of views about his writing philosophy he has since continued to echo.
Huffington Post · 4 hours ago
... book would be stronger if his claims about role-playing were more finely developed as a flexible educational philosophy and less tethered to a...
The New Republic Online · 4 hours ago
The GOP needs to offer a credible alternative to a party, a president, and a political philosophy, that seem everywhere to be failing the...
VDare · 5 hours ago
... that's been our philosophy. Lots of praise for Nathan Scheelhaase by Beckman. Of course, he graduated sooo ...
Chicago Tribune · 5 hours ago