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... in real estate, hospitality, senior living and financial services, spoke about her management and leadership philosophy with Tom Fox, a guest...
Washington Post · 4 hours ago
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He believes in Shula's philosophy that is predicated around a good ground game and ball control. · 5 hours ago
... that runs nearly 50 schools, hospitals, old age homes and an orphanage based on the underpinning philosophy and guidelines of 'Welfare for all'.
Reuters · 26 minutes ago
On the other, we had to stay true to the original one and the design philosophy that has laid the foundations for over 50 years of success.
Times of India · 27 minutes ago
Wang joined CAL in 1992, and her service philosophy is to treat passengers as friends and create pockets of happiness throughout her cabin...
China Post · 28 minutes ago
... sits at a nearby table, parsing a section of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy , possible material for a future...
Globe and Mail · 37 minutes ago
... was an absolute legend and his way of going racing as someone who first and foremost enjoyed motor sport is a philosophy I’ve always shared. · 43 minutes ago
... losses stem from what ergonomists and other scholars call “technology-centered automation,” a design philosophy that has come to dominate...
Wall Street Journal · 1 hour ago