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By , BEIRUT - Turkey tried to lock down stretches of its border with Syria on Monday after facing a flood of more than 100,000 Syrian refugees
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... killed at least 42 people including 16 children, according to a London-based monitoring group, AFP reports.
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And many lawmakers want a say over the rest of a plan featuring more than 1,600 U.S. military advisers in Iraq and airstrikes expanding into Syria.
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September 22 to highlight the destruction of irreplaceable cultural heritage taking place throughout Iraq and Syria at the hands of violent...
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A muscle relaxant appears to have been mixed mistakenly with measles vaccine, killing 15 children in Syria this week, the World Health...
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... rebels to battle Islamic State jihadists, a key plank of his strategy to smash the militants who have overrun vast areas of Iraq and Syria.
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The 19-year-old Kurdish militant, who has been fighting the Islamic State group in Syria, brought his family across the border into Turkey to safety
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Along the Turkish border, residents of Raqqa, Syria, offer a window into life in an Islamic State-administered city, a place of swift, brutal justice ...
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Damascus, Sep 22 (IANS) Syria's foreign ministry Sunday warned that the opposition rebel groups may prepare to launch a chemical attack in Syria to
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Ambassador Samantha Power said Sunday other countries are willing to participate in airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria.
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