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... for certain terms is not there.” Private equity firms oversee assets belonging to endowments, pension funds and wealthy individual investors. · 15 hours ago
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Hanks says his great-grandfather was a slave — a "gift" from a wealthy landowner to a colonel and his new wife on their wedding day.
KPBS · 15 hours ago
... most of the world outside the U.S.A. is also wishing as many Americans as possible to be as wealthy as possible, and hence as happy as...
World Tribune · 15 hours ago
I have a better idea: serve this in the cafeteria of schools in the wealthy communities of Israel, and if the kids there agree to eat it for a...
Jerusalem Post · 16 hours ago
To make matters worse, there are far too many wealthy Chinese buying up London to develop into these fancy homes!
Asian Age · 16 hours ago
... were convicted in September of a range of corruption charges in connection with gifts and loans they accepted from a wealthy businessman. · 18 hours ago  Explore story »
The contrast was a shock — a heartbreaking story on Page 1 juxtaposed with a piece catering to the wealthy.
Los Angeles Times · 20 hours ago
... and vows of structural reforms — has triggered a sharp drop in the yen and big stock gains, benefiting big exporters and the wealthy.
Japan Times · 23 hours ago
... to the relative weakness of the Indian rupee against the dirham and the surging interest in the wealthy non-resident Indians in investing back...
Gulf News · 19 hours ago