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RECENT ARTICLES RECENT GALLERIES Moscow, Aug 1 (IANS) Russia vowed Thursday to hold its first FIFA World Cup in 2018 at the highest level possible.
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(Tony Gentile/Reuters) Luis Suarez may be banned from playing soccer in real life after FIFA punished him with a four-month suspension for...
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... having lent money to the AFA in 2009. So what now for FIFA, and for the AFA? Nominally, the weight Argentina carries in FIFA should not change...
Buenos Aires Herald · 16 hours ago
Julio Grondona, senior vice president of soccer’s governing body FIFA, has died, the Argentine soccer federation said.
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Grondona, head of FIFA's finance committee, ran into trouble with England's FA, calling them liars and pirates over criticism of FIFA at a...
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The Arizona senator says he'd like to see the US and others reconsider the location of the 2018 World Cup.
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... that happens in the very near term is going to have an influence on FIFA deciding one way or the other," Wahl said. "FIFA's just a very insular...
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BT broadband customers, is enhancing its European football line-up by securing the rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup champions Germanys home...
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... and report to FIFA. "In the letter, FIFA reminded the Italian FA that the fight against racism is a top priority for FIFA. "In 2013, the FIFA...
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The FIFA World Cup was very good for Twitter, having not only occurred during Q2 but also having enjoyed a larger and more involved audience...
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