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Jamey Ordolis talks about social media and digital legacy planning - how we mourn, what we share and how to plan our digital afterlife.
CBC · Nov. 22, 2014
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After recently returning from the afterlife, Kurt has had to deal with three big losses: Charles Xavier, his love Amanda Sefton, and now...
Comic Book Resources · Nov. 17, 2014
Sitcom Afterlife by Frontier Ruckus With their fourth full-length album Sitcom Afterlife , Midwestern indie folk and pop band Frontier Ruckus are · Nov. 16, 2014
The play’s themes focus on life and death (particularly the afterlife) as well as the fine line between what is true art versus what is...
Beaver County Times · Nov. 21, 2014
... found references on his social media about Jihad, and of seeing one of his contacts "in the afterlife." Investigators said Nur had borrowed...
CNN · 4 hours ago  Explore story »
Many paranormal investigators believe that after death a person's spirit crosses over to the afterlife. · 1 hour ago
If cigars exist in the afterlife, you can bet Pat Quinn is gnawing on one of his favourite stogies right now.
Chatham Daily News · 7 hours ago  Explore story »
Television has historically used the term “afterlife” for the endurance of old programmes through repeats, video, DVD and replay sites.
New Statesman · 10 hours ago
I’d like to think that maybe we are giving her a happier afterlife, because she’s become such a symbol.” Comparative Drama Conference...
Washington Post · 8 hours ago  Explore story »
... the reasons so many people do believe in mediums is because many major religions already teach their practitioners to believe in an afterlife.
Huffington Post · 9 hours ago