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The Shin Bet, working in tandem with Israel Police, obtained information from the arrested Arabs during interrogations.
Jerusalem Post · Aug. 28, 2014  Explore story »
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... camp for Sunni Arabs fleeing the fighting that has swept northern Iraq in recent months. Ethnic hostility between Iraq's Kurds and Arabs is...
Yahoo! News · Aug. 28, 2014
... what creates this reaction.” Arabs and Kurds have always shared the villages of Makhmour, but under Saddam Hussein more Arabs were resettled...
Time · Aug. 26, 2014
He noted that Gaza was a Jewish city during Biblical times. β€œThe Arabs living in Gaza will have two choices,” he wrote.
Jerusalem Post · Aug. 25, 2014
But, the Arabs simply played into the geopolitical ambition of the clever empire builder. Today the Arabs are continuing on the path. · Aug. 25, 2014
... conflict has come to Ferguson, or rather, inserted itself into the middle of a fight that previously had nothing to do with Jews or Arabs.
Jerusalem Post · Aug. 24, 2014
In what has become a summer tradition, wealthy Arabs travel to London with their expensive supercars.
CNN · Aug. 22, 2014
... that Kurds are not Arabs. But this is not the main reason, for the Kurds have, in the past, been as factious and violent as the Iraqi Arabs are...
AINA · Aug. 19, 2014
β€” to get a bona fide Israeli girlfriend in the dense and multifaceted drama Dancing Arabs.
Hollywood Reporter · Aug. 19, 2014
... and that, although discretely, some Arabs wish to see Israel crush any semblance of Palestinian resistance, in Gaza and anywhere else.
Yemen Times · Aug. 28, 2014