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All this expanding and contracting causes the pulsing pain in your head, which we so fondly call an ice cream headache, or brain freeze.
CW39 NewsFix · Oct. 16, 2014
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... has powerful magic, and one of my friends immediately complained that I had made her brain freeze. Because I freeze friends’ brains that way...
Real Change News · Oct. 16, 2014
Than Ebola Apple and Facebook Will Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Their Eggs Can You Get Your Dog Sick? Posted In: brain , mind and body... · 22 hours ago  Explore story »
... staggeringly ambitious book, less mind-bogglingly structurally complex than Cloud Atlas, but just as brain-freeze-inducing in its brilliance.
India Today · 32 hours ago
... game with villains such as Two-Face and Mr. Freeze making their series ... Supes literally heat visions the Joker's brain. · 30 hours ago
It's real damn good. Just watch out for brain freeze!
Huffington Post · Oct. 22, 2014
Test against Zimbabwe last week, analysts, journalists and even a number of cricket enthusiasts seemed to have had a brain freeze momentarily.
Bangladesh Daily Star · Oct. 22, 2014
... questions to ask and what’s going exactly through their brain and what ... take your eyes off of it and leave it to rest it can freeze up and ... · Oct. 22, 2014
... the Edison Hotel, which is actually on 47th St. This sounds indeed like a continuity mistake, e.g. a brain freeze by the people in charge of...
Media Bistro · Oct. 21, 2014
The bullet ripped through his chin and mouth, but stopped just before reaching his brain. ... I thought we were going to freeze to death. · Oct. 22, 2014