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... concerns@ * US air strikes could threaten Islamic reprisals -risk manager * OPEC predicts 1 million ... in Asia after President Barack Obama ...
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The documentary maker predicts Barack Obama's only claim to historical fame will be that he was the first black president of the US.
Tasmanian Examiner · Sep. 09, 2014  Explore story »
President Barack Obama speaks at the Centers ... next six months, during which it predicts 20,000 ... The US response announced today also ...
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... was all anticipated by the Obama administration ... And Allahpundit predicts that our de facto role ... our “moderate” partner will turn ...
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He predicts Republicans will win four of those: Dan Sullivan defeating ... chance of being wrong.” Related from The Daily Beast Like us on
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"I don't want us to sell all our oil so in the ... He predicts that, to keep prices at their current ... President Obama could end the export ban ...
NPR · 13 hours ago
Hayden's estimate presupposes the Obama administration will vastly expand the air campaign against ISIS.
American Thinker · 31 hours ago
... new report on the nation’s defense budget released Thursday predicts. ... "None of us wants to send a servicemember into combat ...
Stars and Stripes · 29 hours ago
... in the way Obama Democrats perceive her. Obama ... Biden, whose support was 15 percent, US Senator ... much money." That said, Fischer ...
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