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Democratic Senate and the Obama administration ... immigration group Numbers USA, who predicts that ... which is one of the fastest growing in ...
National Review · 8 hours ago
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Pham visited Friday with President Barack Obama, who shook her hand. ... vaccine An official with the World Health Organization predicts hundreds ...
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The Rich and The Rest of Us , co-written with ... in Black Prophetic Fire , when he predicts that ... for black leaders to follow the Barack ...
Daily Beast · 43 hours ago
Louie Gohmert (R-TX) predicted we will learn that President Barack Obama had “cut a deal” with leaders in Africa to “bring people in... · Oct. 20, 2014
... occur in the United States, President Obama has ... While the EMV Migration Forum predicts that the ... cards will be in circulation in the ...
BusinessWeek · Oct. 20, 2014  Explore story »
He predicts that in 10 years, the United States ... threat left international allies reluctant to join us in fighting ISIS. Obama wanted ... · Oct. 20, 2014
He predicts that in 10 years, the U.S. will have a ... left international allies reluctant to join us in fighting the Islamic State. Obama wanted
Stars and Stripes · Oct. 19, 2014
... to detect and treat infected people who could still get to the US because of "broken travel." Christie predicts that Obama will give in to...
Huffington Post · Oct. 19, 2014
But six years into what many term the Obama administration’s “War on ... decades,” states the 2010 report, which predicts production, which · Oct. 19, 2014
Some U.S. analysts call Obama's approach overly cautious, given the comparatively small number of airstrikes launched thus far and the...
Minneapolis Star Tribune · Oct. 18, 2014  Explore story »