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... also sat down with the show's hosts during her visit to discuss the inspiration behind her new single, motherhood, and her hubby Swizz Beatz's...
Essence Magazine · 14 hours ago
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This little piece of plastic could reduce single motherhood. Shutterstock There aren’t any simple solutions to poverty.
Slate Magazine · 11 hours ago
... costs for things like safety-net programs and supporting single parents. It’s a win-win scenario." For each year motherhood is delayed...
BusinessWeek · 7 hours ago  Explore story »
... page, Alicia Keys returned to the Today set to perform the single live. ... the song and then sat down post performance to discuss motherhood ... · 17 hours ago
... that society does not celebrate pregnancy and motherhood like it once ... parents reading the book would rejoice in every single moment that ...
Christian Post · 12 hours ago
Now, there are two plausible reasons for the motherhood penalty and ... my problems may sound like the problems of privilege to single moms, I find
Atlantic Monthly · 13 hours ago
... a baby last year, she complained to London that new motherhood left her ... the two bonded over their shared status as single women struggling
Cosmopolitan · 15 hours ago
... days of the movement, they’ve viewed marriage and motherhood as forms ... need of the Left for a large number of single female voters, who ...
Redstate · 14 hours ago
The Grammy winning singer joins TODAY to discuss her new single, We Are Here, and she talks about how being a mom has changed her music and her life.
NBC · 21 hours ago
DEAR CAROLYN: I am a single mother of two fantastic kids; ... purpose, one that feeds the same part of you that was so well nourished by ...
Seattle Times · 20 hours ago