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"We found two big screwdrivers at the spot, which Heena sniffed and led us to the nearby Mastan Adda, which is frequented by drug addicts," he...
Times of India · 3 hours ago
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He's sniffed around the second level of the free agent market as well as the trade market to fill the holes.
Boston Herald · 2 hours ago  Explore story »
He then sniffed, 'I hate you,' and turned on his high heels," the witness told Page Six . "He spat the water straight at the woman," the...
UPI · 1 hour ago
... have done well.” Qiu Fei, captain of the Shanghai Metro police dog team, said the police dogs have sniffed out banned flammable items like...
Shanghai Daily · 4 hours ago
He then sniffed, ‘I hate you,’ and turned on his high heels.” Later, Harris was supposed to spit water at the audience as part of a... · 9 hours ago  Explore story »
They sniffed around spots on the West End but chose the Vegas Hotel, which had a vacant restaurant space and 300-person ballroom with catering...
BusinessWeek · 7 hours ago
His heart raced. I walked a couple steps in his direction and loudly sniffed.
LatinoLA · 20 hours ago
He was “corrupt.” Some commentators sniffed that Killoran would have had greater success if he hadn’t been shirtless.
Toronto Star Online · 23 hours ago
... zoom Satureja. Ever heard of it? Sniffed it? Tasted it? Probably not.
Toronto Star Online · 41 hours ago
... to its Web site, exchanging everything from used iPads to cows, in a country where second-hand goods have traditionally been sniffed at.
Taipei Times Online · 26 hours ago