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McKellar prefers to showcase half-finished high-rises and signs for “Condos coming soon!” The starkness of the show’s setting seeps into...
Globe and Mail · 2 hours ago
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“Well we just loved the Canada bit, i.e. Vancouver, Banff, and in the US we just loved the starkness, expanse and beauty of Montana and...
Mid Day · 32 hours ago  Explore story »
Like in 2012, the regional story is similar in starkness in the current year. · 45 hours ago  Explore story »
For minimalists, even a whisper of decoration is like a flaw on an otherwise perfect diamond.
Miami Herald · Jul. 26, 2014
"Tephra," from A Waif's Rent , is a marvellous exercise in starkness, with little more than a caustic buzz and thunking drums, while "Acetone...
Resident Advisor · Jul. 24, 2014
The Yearlings This Adelaide duo are as comfortable with Gillian Welch-like starkness and Band-like country lurch as relaxed country ballads.
Narooma News · Jul. 24, 2014  Explore story »
... chose the good-guy path in dialogue selections (which seem to have increased both in number and in the starkness of the choices they offer in...
GameSpot · Jul. 22, 2014
There is a site-specific black and white wall painting, "Untitled", but I found its starkness unappealing.
Houston Press · Jul. 22, 2014
It doesn't seem to be of this world, yet it is. I stood amid the scorched crust of a violent past, finding serenity in the starkness of it. · Jul. 18, 2014
The addition of “old-age” as the modifier to the starkness of the dividing line between the dependent and the productive bluntly separates...
PBS · Jul. 18, 2014