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October 26, 2016
Two children are fortunate to be alive, police said Wednesday, after they were thrown clear and survived an accident that killed their mothers an...More » · 3 hours ago
Interviewed Tuesday night on "The Kelly File," Gingrich accused the Fox anchor of having a personal agenda when she refused to agree wi...More »
CNN · 51 minutes ago
Apparently a man recently charged with child sex abuse who might also try to spread a communicable disease, Oklahoma authorities say. Michael Dal...More »
CNN · 2 hours ago

Trump's Hollywood star destroyed

Los Angeles police are investigating the man, who identified himself as James Otis, dressed as a cit... More »

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NAACP wants inquiry after noose allegedly placed o...

Story highlights Both the alleged victim and perpetrators are high school football players Wiggins r... More »

CNN · 26 hours ago · Explore story »


Australian amusement ride tragedy: Can it happen h...

If you think an amusement park tragedy like the one that killed four people in Australia on Tuesday ... More »

USA Today · 27 hours ago · Explore story »

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White House asked about Biden's 'behind the gym' r...

- The White House said Vice President Joe Biden's "behind the gym" remark about Republican... More »

Washington Post · 2 hours ago · Explore story »


Powell Endorses Hillary Over ‘Disgrace’

The former secretary of state endorsed Clinton on Tuesday, saying Trump was ‘selling people a bill o... More »

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Independent Evan McMullin Could Make History This ...

In a campaign season so venomous, so full of fury and so divisive, many voters are asking if this is... More »

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Explosion at Turkish resort injures at least 10

ANKARA, Turkey – Mayor Menderes Turel said the cause of the explosion at the Antalya Trade and Indus... More » · 25 hours ago · Explore story »


French crews dismantle refugee camp 'The Jungle'

Live Oct. 26, 2016 - 1:26 - Officials say it's a symbol of Europe's new approach to the migrant cris... More » · 26 minutes ago · Explore story »


Philippine leader Duterte now wants U.S. troops ou...

BEIJING — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he wanted U.S. troops out of his count... More »

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India Stocks Drop as Ousted Tata Chief Warns Group...

Indian stocks slid the most in two weeks, led by Tata Group shares after its ousted Chairman Cyrus M... More »

Bloomberg · 4 hours ago · Explore story »


Why is Apple (AAPL) Stock Falling 3% Today?

On Wednesday, shares of iPhone maker Apple Inc. AAPL are falling, down around 3% in mid-morning trad... More »

Yahoo! Finance · 4 hours ago · Explore story »


Report: Women won't earn as much as men for 170 ye...

GENEVA – The World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap Report also finds that the pay gap has ... More » · 10 hours ago · Explore story »

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Viewing guide: Political films hit hot topics befo...

People wait in line outside the IFC Theater before the debut of a surprise documentary 'Michael Moor... More »

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Ivanka attacks out-of-line?

A group of vocal Twitter users are calling for women to boycott Ivanka Trump’s fashion line over the... More » · 5 hours ago · Explore story »


22 Pets Who Obviously Resent the Phrase ‘My Little...

Payback. That’s what animals across the globe are plotting right now as pumpkin costumes head their ... More »

People · 26 hours ago · Explore story »

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Pele mourns death of 'friend and brother' Carlos A...

Updated at 4:20 p.m. ET Brazil great Pele has paid a warm tribute to his captain and teammate Carlos... More »

Sporting News · 25 hours ago · Explore story »


Golden State Warriors: Why Dubs Fans Shouldn't Be ...

Golden State Warriors fans, relax, it’ll be OK Last night, the Golden State Warriors got blown out i... More » · 3 hours ago · Explore story »


Indians intend to use 3-man rotation for Series

5:06 PM ET CLEVELAND - Indians manager Terry Francona plans to use all of his starters on three days... More » · 24 minutes ago · Explore story »

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Science & Tech

All of Apple's portable Macs since 1984

Are you excited about the rumored new MacBook Pro? Is it more than time to see some new innovations?... More »

ZDNet · 35 minutes ago · Explore story »


Dyn DNS DDoS Likely The Work of Script Kiddies, Sa...

While nobody knows exactly who was responsible for the internet outrage last Friday, business risk i... More »

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Google Fiber halts rollout; top exec leaves

SAN FRANCISCO — Google Fiber is halting its rollout in 10 cities and laying off staff as its chief e... More »

USA Today · 3 hours ago · Explore story »

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Gene study clears 'Patient Zero' as cause of US HI...

CHICAGO – Scientists have long suspected that HIV had been circulating in the United States for a de... More » · 22 minutes ago · Explore story »


Experts hope mosquito-borne bacteria can beat the ...

 | LONDON — Researchers are trying to infect mosquitoes in Brazil and Colombia with a type of bacter... More »

Washington Post · 3 hours ago · Explore story »


Buying medical weed in Canada may get easier

Legal marijuana sales tripled in 2015 Canada's top pharmacy chain is hoping to be the first in the c... More »

CNN · 4 hours ago · Explore story »

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GOP posts long investigation claimi...
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Australian amusement ride tragedy: ...
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Explosion at Turkish resort injures... · 25 hours ago