1 Ounce Equals How Many ML?


1 ounce equates to 29.57 milliliters. The fluid ounce is commonly used in the US system of measurements and is measured using water as the fluid of reference. The water has to be at a temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit.
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One fluid ounce equals 29.5735296 milliliters. Have a great day!
In 1 liter, there are 33.8140225589 ounces. To convert liters to ounces, all you need to do is multiply the number of liters by 33.8140225589. For instance, 10 liters would equal
Ounce. (oz, U.S. One fluid ounce = 1/8 of a half-pint = 1/16 of a pint = 1/32 of a quart = 1/128 of a gallon. One fluid ounce = 29.5735 milliliters. http://www.ilpi.com/msds/ref/volumeunits
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One ounce is equal to 29.57353 milliliters.
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