1 Day Epcot Tickets?


Epcot is one of the parks at Disney World, located in Florida. The cost of 1 day Epcot tickets is $89 per ticket. You can find discounts and deals on Disney World tickets, especially if you purchase more than 1 day passes.
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As a Florida Resident, you get special ticket offers, like
$82, assuming no discounts (which would be very difficult to find for a 1 day, 1 park ticket)
There are more places selling Disney tickets than there are Disney resorts. To make it even more complicated, many places sell multi-day instead of single day passes. Here is a breakdown
Prices just increased. A one-day, one-park ticket will cost you $84.16 (includes tax). See all the options here: http://allears.net/pl/ticketchart.htm
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