How many blocks are there in one mile?


A distance of 1 mile is equal to between 8 and 10 blocks, depending on the city. For example, Chicago, Illinois considers 8 blocks to be a mile while San Francisco, California considers 10 blocks to be a mile. Miles are a generic unit of measure for distances or lengths which are rather long, like when driving in a car. Blocks are used to break down sections of a city for easier management and as a form of designation.
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You would be walking about 10 city blocks to reach a mile. Get your walking shoes on! If you lose track easily, pedometers are great at keeping score of your steps.
20 North/South blocks.
In NYC 10 street blocks equal 1 mile. Thanks for asking ChaCha!!
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How many city blocks it takes to equal one mile differs. There are commonly two different sizes of city blocks. There are roughly 10 to 20 blocks to one mile. ...
There are 13 Philadelphia city blocks in one mile. One mile is equal to between 10 and 20 city blocks. The exact amount depends on the size of the blocks. ...
A stride is a long significant step in a particular direction. The number of steps taken to equal a mile depend on how long one's stride is although the average ...
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