1 Month Free Club Pogo Pass?


Pogo is an online gaming community that one can sign up for and play games. They often offer a free month club pass occasionally and one always should be on the look out for a free pass.
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No free month deal over at Club Pogo website. You can get a free trial if
I can give you one my screen name there is kristaronm message me there and Ill send you one.
What You Would have to do is get off your butt go to a store (CVS doesn't have one) And There is a CP card for a memebership I got mine at hariss teeter.
email me at wildeyesangel@aol.com with the email address you would use to log in and put pogo in the subject line and I will send you a pass.
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You can get a free 1 month Club Pogo pass by having another Club Pogo member send you one. You can play for one week free before having to join and pay for a membership if you don't have a pass. Paying members have free passes that can be shared with friends to allow them a chance to experience the games that are available.
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