How much do two large pizzas and 100 tokens cost at Chuck E. Cheese's?


According to the Chuck E. Cheese's website, pricing and value deals can vary by location. It's possible to research specific prices for pizzas and tokens by selecting a particular location on the company site.

In addition to considering deals for pizzas and tokens, patrons of Chuck E. Cheese's can purchase these and other items independently of value packages. Check menus for pricing of both medium and large pizzas with or without additional toppings. Token packages include lower per-token pricing as greater quantities of tokens are purchased at one time. In addition to advertised pricing, it is important to compute sales tax into one's budget for a visit to the restaurant.

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Their prices are not listed on their website.
I tried this.. Worked like a charm until I hit "Print" the pizza came out all mangled and the soda was flat.
Thanx, they don't distribute Bibles but it might be helpful :) And what I want to do is provide free printed Bibles to people who request them online - ideally full Bibles rather
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