What is a $10,000 bill?


Samuel P. Chase is on the US 10,000 dollar bill. He was the Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of Treasury. It is said that these have not been printed since 1945 and have not been circulated since 1969 and thus are considered collectors' items.
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Salmon P. Chase, who was Secretary of the Treasury under President Lincoln, and later served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
The U.S. Ten Thousand Dollar Note has a picture of Salmon P. Chase. Thanks!
Andrew Jackson and Salmon P. Chase have been featured over the years on the 10,000 dollar bill.
Montgomery Burns...just kidding. Actually it's Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase. Prepare to drool... uploaded
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Salmon P. Chase is featured on the $10,000 bill, which is no longer in circulation.
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