12 Passenger Van for Rent?


There are many companies which offer 12 passenger vans for rent, including Budget and Avis. This makes transporting a large number of passengers much easier and cost effective. If 2 or more vehicles were needed to complete the same trip, costs would be considerably higher. These fans are similar to delivery vans, but have the cargo areas filled with seats to increase their capacity. Fees typically range from $75 to $150 per day depending on the location.
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1. Find online rental agencies that offer 12-15 passenger vans. Some well known rental companies that rent passenger vans at certain locations in the United States include Budget
Pricing varies based on the round-trip distance and
35 gallons.
My friends and I are planning a road trip to Alberta, and want to rent at lest a 12-passenger vehicle. Also, how many people can be in one vehicle with a Class 5 licence (regular
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