How to Wire a 12-Volt Marine Battery Switch?


To wire a 12 volt marine wiring battery switch, find the cable for the positive battery and cut at the switch point, then put strips of about half inch insulation. Join one part of the stripped cable to a part of the switch. Join the other end of the cable to the remaining part of the switch and make them tight. Finally, mount the switch.12 Volt Marine Wiring Diagrams can be found on the sterling power website.
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1. Crimp a ring terminal onto the starting battery's red positive cable, using a pliers-type wire crimper. Unscrew the "A" terminal on the battery selector switch. Slide
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Now if your converting a dynamo to a alternator then no problem ,on the back of a self exciting alternator is two wires to worry about ,firstly a big thick wire directly from the
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