What is R134A refrigerant?


R134A refrigerant is also known as hydroflurocarbon on freon. It can be purchased at some auto parts stores. It is used to fill up one's air conditioning unit, to help lower the temperature within the car. One should know how to install this fluid correctly or hazardous conditions could occur.
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1. Check to see if there are any refrigerant leaks in your car. You can determine this by gauging the effectiveness of the cooling system. If there is a leak, locate its exact position
What's the big secret or is it that none of the internet professionals know the answer? Here it is from Frigidare Service Data Sheet #218758400 and these pressures work for most residential
The boiling point of Refrigerant 134a is -15.7 F.
Thats not a model number, thats the type of freon the machine uses
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How to Change 134A Refrigerant
Refrigerant-12 is the most commonly used substance in air conditioning these days. R-134A is a next generation refrigerant, and it is expected to replace Refrigerant-12 internationally due to its environmentally-friendly properties. As with stationary... More »
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HFC 134a gas (Tetrafluoroethane) is a refrigerant gas used for refrigerators and automobile air conditioners. It is also sometimes used as a personal computer ...
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