How do you obtain a 150-gallon fish aquarium?


Large aquariums, like 150-gallon tanks, are found through a host of outlets, with the three most common being online retailers, custom aquarium designers and pet stores. Many retail stores do sell 150-gallon tanks due to their physical size. Most retail outlets will need to order the tank from one of their respective warehouses.

Obtaining a 150-gallon aquarium is quite an easy process. However not all aquariums are constructed the same. While many products are available in standard form, these aquariums are typically more fragile than smaller models, both because of their physical size and the volume of water involved. This is why many fish enthusiasts opt for a custom glass thickness or one made from acrylic. Both of these options allow for new and exciting designs, as well as traditional shapes, while still providing the extra strength and durability needed.

Outlets such as Glass Cages and Fish Tanks Direct offer both options, plus a host of traditional tank designs. Another aspect to consider, particularly with larger tanks, is the weight of the water and the tank combined. The weight of 150 gallons of water is more than 1,000 pounds, requiring a stout and reliable stand or base to support the load. Fortunately, the same outlets that provide the aquariums also provide stands that are designed specifically for the job, while providing storage and aesthetic appeal at the same time.

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1. Measure and mark one piece of 3/8 inch thick glass in the appropriate dimensions of 72 inches long by 18 inches wide. This is the standard size of a 150-gallon fish aquarium base
About 200 lbs empty, and about 1400 lbs full.
Typically, a 150 gallon corner fish tank would have the dimensions
The first step in building your 150 gallon fish aquarium is to find out what the exact measurements are going to be to construct a tank of this size. Depending on what you plan on
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