How to Shift an 18-Speed Transmission?


In order to shift an 18 speed transmission you need to be familiar with how a manual transmission works. Begin by setting the trucks parking brake and depress the clutch all the way to the floor. Turn the key and wait for the truck to start before depressing the peddle.
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1. Set your vehicle's parking brake if it is not already engaged. Your parking brake will prevent the truck from rolling while it is in neutral. Some truck drivers prefer to park
The key to shifting is listening for the engine rpms to get to a certain point. Its a feel, not a learning process. Pushing in the clutch or being able to speed shift takes experience
How you "shift" an 18 speed, manual shift, transmission. This transmission shifts by the driver manually moving the shift lever and also by the driver moving a high / low
This transmission shifts by the driver manually moving the shift le...
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