How much is an 1899 Indian Head penny worth?


The value of an 1899 Indian head penny will depend on a number of factors including its condition. In good condition, it may be worth $30 or more.
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1899 is considered a common date for Indian Head Cents. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 09/2010: Very worn condition - $1. Moderately worn - $2. Slightly
An 1899 Indian Head penny is currently worth $1.00.
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It is almost impossible to say what an indian head penny is worth without seeing it. There are many books in book stores which have listings of coins, how to classify their condition
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Minted between 1859 to 1909, Indian Head pennies can vary in price from $1 to over $3,000, depending upon their date, condition and where they were minted. Collectors ...
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