What is the value of a 1901 Indian Head penny?


The 1901 Indian Head penny was the stand issue 1 cent piece for the United States at the time. This production line was quite extensive and range from 1859 to 1909. The value of a 1901 penny ranges from $1.45 to over $500 for extremely rare version. The actual value of the coin is dependant on the overall condition, minting and general rarity. Despite their low value, these coins are quite popular among many collectors.
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It is worth between $1.90 and $385 depending on it's condition. View the source link below to see the values of the 1901 Indian Head Cent based on it's condition.
The value of your 1901 penny all depends upon the condition of
Coins are graded on their condition and appearance. Several key factors go into determining a coin's value as a collector's item, such as the coin's luster, the amount of design remaining
The 1901 Indian head penny is worth $1.00 now. That's 100 times its original value! Ask kgb!
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