1920 a Return to Normalcy?


'Return to Normalcy' was a term used during Republican Warren G. Harding's election campaign. The 1920s were a tough time for the American people, and it was desired that America bounce back from the toils of war. Harding used the term 'return to normalcy' to describe bringing big business back to the United States, which he believed would stabilize the country. Unfortunately, Harding would pass soon after entering the White House, and his Vice President Calvin Coolidge would take over. Coolidge also believed in stabilizing and energizing the economy, by supporting big business.
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A "return to normalcy, signaled a resurgence of nativism, isolationism &
They were tired of war and the high taxes and deprivations that went with it.
The "return to normalcy" was a call to life before WWI.normal life.
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