What is the value of a 1922 Liberty silver dollar?


The Liberty silver dollar was a series of coins produced by the US Mint from 1921 until 1935. It features a bald eagle on one side and a depiction of liberty on the other. A 1922 Liberty silver dollar is worth between $28 and $500. The actual value varies based on the minting, condition and overall rarity of the coin. Certain coins with errors or those with very few made will have considerably higher worth among collectors than regular circulated coins.
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It's NOT a LIBERTY dollar it's a PEACE dollar and the date 1922 is the most common of all Peace Dollars with values of $14.00-19.00 for circulated coins.
A 1922 Peace Circulated Silver % One Dollar
The hair over Liberty's eye is well worn and many of the eagle's feathers can no longer be seen in this condition. Coins at this grade are usually valued at $10 to $18. Liberty's
The 1922 Peace dollar is very common. The mint mark if any is on the eagle side below the word ONE. The D and S have lower mintage's but unless the coins are in mint state have no
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