What is the value of a 1934 $50 bill?


The 1934 US fifty dollar bill is worth between $119.99 to $195.00. The 1934 US fifty dollar bill can be purchased at the auction website called eBay.
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You'd have to take it to a dealer or to one of those travelling shows where they buy old currency. Get a couple of estimates before selling. Because 50s didn't circulate much back
It will depend on who wants it and how badly, supply and demand is the key. Let coin collectors know and bid.I myself would give considerably more than fifty dollars for if it is
Things You'll Need. Light source. Magnifying glass (optional). UV light. Instructions. Hold the note face-forward. Tilt it while watching the metallic stripe on the left hand side
Now, as in 1934, dollar bills are made of a wood pulp that contains Crane
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The value of a 1934 fifty dollar bill depends on the condition of the dollar bill. If it is in mint, uncirculated condition it can sell for $275-$535. They sell for $125 in extra fine grade and $65 in fine grade.
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