What is a 1937 buffalo nickel?


A 1937 buffalo nickel has a buffalo on one side and the head of an American Indian on the other. Along with the 1937 the buffalo nickel came some with mint marks: D, D with a three legged buffalo and S. The worth of a 1937 buffalo nickle depends on the condition of the coin, whether or not the coin was circulated and what the mint mark is. 
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Answer This famous design is called either a buffalo nickel or an Indian head nickel; both names are about equally common. Please see the Related Question for more information.
A 1938 Buffalo Nickel is worth $0.35 but the 3-legged buffalo nickel is
Hi Shawn, Thank you for your question. However, without more information, I can't give you an exact answer, but I'll give you the best info I can. 1937 is not a rare date for buffalo
1937 is one of the most common dates for Buffalo Nickels. As of 05/2009, $1 if worn, $3 if almost uncirculated, regardless of mint mark. There is a rare variety where the buffalo
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