1950's Party Games?


If you are planning a 1950's party, games can include bubble-gum blowing contest, a limbo contest, charades that include movies and TV programs from the 50's, musical chairs, hide and seek, skipping rope, marbles, Old Maid, and Tiddlewinks. People can come dressed in Elvis costumes and poodle skirts. Tablecloths can be black and white and you can decorate the walls with posters of Elvis, James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe. Food can include hamburgers and fries with Coke floats and banana splits.
Q&A Related to "1950's Party Games?"
1. Get a satellite radio hookup of your own or borrow a friends for the evening. Both XM and Sirius have a station that only plays 1950s music. They play it with little interruption
It was great! Las Vegas was still an up and comer then. I used to stay at the Dunes in those days and you would see Frank or Sammy walk through the casino. The shows were smaller
there might of been games like pacman on video game and there also would of been games on the computer.
beverages - Kool. Aid, fruit punches, lemonade, chocolate milk. dessert - birthday cake and ice cream. sandwiches - egg salad, bologna, tuna, peanut butter and jam.
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