How much is a 1976 two dollar bill worth?


A 1976 $2 bill is only worth face value, as of July 2014. This bill is not considered old enough or rare enough to be considered a collectible. Rarity is a major deciding factor in a currency's worth.

Nineteen seventy-six $2 bills were released on April 13, 1976. The bills were printed at all 12 Federal Reserve banks. These bills have sparked some interest in collectors because their release marked the first time United States money had been redesigned in many years. They have low serial numbers and can still be found in uncirculated packs.

Despite not being worth more than face value, there are buyers willing to purchase 1976 $2 bills. Some have been reported to sell for $5. Bills that were minted in exotic places have sold for as much as $8.

Contrary to public belief, $2 bills are still being printed and circulated. The recent series of $2 bills was released in 2003.

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The worth of a 1976 $2 dollar bill is just that: $2.00. If it is uncirculated, one may be able to get as much at $3 dollars for it. As with all currency, worth is a matrix of condition
1976 two dollar bills are only worth about $2. When the 1976 $2 bills were
Assuming it's uncirculated (no folds, tears or stains) guide books shows value in $6-$8 range.
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