What is the Blue Book value for a 1979 El Camino?


Kelley Blue Book does not have a value for the 1979 El Camino, since only vehicles manufactured in the past 21 years are given a Blue Book value. The company does publish guides to older vehicles in its Early Model Guide, Collector's Edition. The car's value likely ranges from $3500 to $18,500, depending on its condition and specifications.

According to the Hagerty Price Guide, which specializes in valuing classic vehicles, a 1979 El Camino with a 350cid/170hp engine lists an average value of $8,342 as of December 2013. At that time, value of the vehicle of the lowest end of quality began at $3,800 and climbed to $8,200 for a vehicle in better condition. For a truck in an even better condition, the value started at $13,700 and topped $18,500 for the best quality vehicles.

A 1979 El Camino with a 267cid/125hp engine was found to have an average value of $8,150 in December 2013 according to the Hagerty Price Guide. The value of vehicles in the poorest of conditions averaged $3,700. Trucks in fair condition were valued at $8,100. Those in good condition averaged a value of $13,300, and the best averaged $18,000.

Factors that influence the vehicle's value include mileage, missing original manufacturer parts and visual imperfections.

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