How to Buy a 3-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?


To buy a 3-carat diamond engagement ring, you should visit your local jewelry stores. Shopping around for quality and price is recommended. It will also be beneficial to know the style of rings and settings that your partner likes to wear. A skilled jeweler will be able to help you pick out the best ring for your budget.
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The Gemalogical Institute of America's color-grading scale is the industry standard. The scale starts at D, representing colorless, and ends at Z, which represents near colorless.
If you are not sure about what to spend, it is because you will need a more thorough education on diamonds. As you already know there are the four major considerations: cut, color
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Bethenny's ring is an 8-carat sparkler with a 6 ½-carat pear-shaped center stone flanked by two side stones from Manhattan jeweler Kristin Farrell.
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