How much did postage stamps cost in 2006?


The price of a first class postage stamp was raised from 37 cents to 39 cents on Jan. 8, 2006. The change followed the approval of a Postal Rate Commission recommendation to raise prices on all classes of mail approximately 5.4 percent.

The change remained in effect until May 14, 2007 when the price was raised to 41 cents. The Postal Service filed its case to expedite the first increase on April 8, 2005, seeking the price hike due to a legal obligation to fund a $3.1 billion escrow imposed by Public Law 108-18. The Postal Rate Commission submitted its Opinion and Recommended Decision on Nov. 1, 2005, which was accepted 13 days later, thereby granting final approval for the change.

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The cost of a stamp in the USA in 2006 was $0.39.
1. Check the original price of the stamp. The United States Postal Service has a pdf file (see Resources) you can download that lists the postage rates for U.S. stamps. 2. Research
In 2006 first class stamps were 39 cents and postcard stamps were 24 cents.
from what i think it was 38 cents i am sorry i fount the right amout it was 39 cents it got changed on 1/7/06.
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