How do you wire a 220-volt 20-amp outlet?


A 220 Volt 20 AMP is an appliance that requires a special outlet since they do not use neutrals. When wiring this appliance starts with turning it off. Secondly, run No. 12/3 wire from the panel to the outlet location. Next, strip 1/2 inch of the wires' insulation off to expose the inner copper wires. Finally, insert the black wire on the outlet into the terminal screw.
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1. Turn off the power and follow all safety precautions concerning electricity. 2. Run No. 12/3 wire from the panel to the outlet location. Normally, only one outlet can be used for
6 wire.
There may be: 2 'Line" (phase) wires, and a ground, NEMA 6-20, (250V. or, 2 'Line" (phase) wires, a neutral, and a ground, NEMA14-20, (125/250V. The Ground will always be
For a 230 amp and a 220 volt outlet you would need around a
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How to Wire a 220 Volt 20 Amp Outlet
There are three things you must take into consideration when wiring a 220-volt outlet. First, 220-volt circuits do not use neutrals. Second, hot wires going to the receptacles alternate with each other. The electrons go into the circuit through one... More »
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