25 Subdivisions of Biology?


Botany, genetics, chemistry, anatomy, cellular biology, ecology, zoology, paleontology, biophysics, and cry a biology are some of the 25 subdivisions of biology. You could go to a biology enthusiast forum or a biology textbook in order to find other subdivisions.
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The study of biology can be divided in various ways. Certain areas of
There are literally hundreds with varying levels of specificity. You could divide biology into that which concerns organisms with either of the major types of cells, called prokaryotes
Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics, Neuro-science, Bio-technology, Bio-chemistry, Bio-physics, Cellular biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Bio-informatics, Cancer Biology, Animal Behavior
yea i did it, i found the questions pretty basic questions tbh, but tht made it hard because i revised like the really hard things like sort of essay questions type of things cos
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