How much does a 2x4 cost?


How much a 2x4 cost depends on where you make the purchase. 2x4s can come in different sizes and grades and therefore the price can vary. On average, you can expect to spend between $3 - $15 for a 2x4.
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The cost of a 2x4 will vary depending on the length and the quality of the wood. Some 2x4's have cracks or they aren't really straight, so they sell for a lower price.
Around $2.51 for a 10ft and around $1.90 for a 8ft.
It depends on the grade of wood you are looking for but a 2x4 can cost anywhere
Lowe's doesn't list dimensional lumber/stud pricing online, but 2x4x8's usually cost between $2-$3 depending on grade.
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An 8 foot 2x4 costs between $2 and $3 for untreated wood. The grade of the wood will make a large difference in the price of wood. At the highest grade it could ...
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