How to Make Shelves with 2x4s?


Anyone can make shelves with 2x4s. They will need a level, brackets and screws. First, the brackets must be secured into the wall. Then, place the 2x4s on top of the brackets. Use of a level will ensure the 2x4 shelves are straight.
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1. Find the studs in the wall and mark them in the area where you want your shelf to go. 2. Measure the height you want your shelf, from the ceiling down, marking the spot for your
This is a project you can easily do yourself. One option is to go to the home centers (Lowe's, Mendards, Home Depot) and look in their publication section for books on this subject.
1. Find and mark the studs along the wall where you will install the tool shelves. Measure 24 inches up from the floor and mark a level line, 8-feet long. Measure up another 24 inches
1. Calculate the size of the shelf by measuring the width of the wall on which you will install the shelves with a tape measure. If you have the room, your shelf may be as large as
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To build heavy-duty storage shelves with 2x4 boards, you'll need access to a saw, as well as a hammer and nails. Decide on the dimensions of your shelves, and ...
A 2x4 lamber weighs around 4 kilograms and its radius is roughly 4 centimetres. A lumber is use mainly on architectural designs such as stair rails, shelves, ceiling ...
1. Lay two 4-foot, 2x4 boards parallel to each other on the ground. Sit the boards on their narrow sides. 2. Cut three 16-inch pieces of 2x4 board from a 6-foot ...
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