How to Plumb a 3 Compartment Sink?


Most 3 Compartment sinks are used for commercial purposes. However, more residential homes are having them installed for convenience purposes. To plumb a 3 compartment sink, you can purchase special plumbing kits that contain specifically designed drain pipes used for these installations.
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1. Turn off your supply valves underneath the sink. Place towels and buckets under the sink so you can catch any water once you begin to disassemble your old sink plumbing. Remove
2 Inch double tee in the middle, pick up both other outlets with the tee, plumb to drain. Have a clean out just above the p-trap, for peace of mind.
3 compartment sinks are usually used for commercial
You can put a trap for each sink, or one for all three, I prefer the one for all three method,less complicated, cheaper, takes up less room) Elbow your two end sink tailpieces toward
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