3 Stages of General Adaptation Syndrome?


The General Adaptation Syndrome is a theory presented by Hans Selye in 1936 to represent how the body reacts to stress in any given time. The three stages of the General Adaptation Syndrome are Alarm, Resistance, and either Exhaustion or Recovery. The Alarm stage is divided into two phases: the shock and antishock phases.
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1: Alarm reaction (fight or flight) 2: Stage
General adaption syndrome. : a model of stress experience, consisting of three stages: alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion. Alarm reaction. : when a threat or challenge activates
A set of characteristics manifested in the body as a response to stress. The syndrome typically has three stages. The first stage (alarm reaction) occurs when there is an increase
General Adaptation Syndrome: a collection of physical and psychological responses to stress.
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General Adaptation Syndrome
General adaptation syndrome describes the body's short-term and long-term reaction to stress . More »
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General adaptation syndrome is a three staged response to stress. The first stage is called alarm - common when the stress first occurs, the second stage is resistance ...
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