What do the symbols of the band 30 Seconds to Mars mean?


The band 30 Seconds to Mars has different symbols for each of its albums. The most recognizable symbols from the band are the glyphs. These glyphs are symbols for each of the four inner planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Every member of the band has at least one of these four symbols tattooed on his arm.

Another symbol from the band is the upward pointing arrow. This symbol was once used by ancient Greek warriors to denote their courage. It was often carved on their breastplates. Lead singer Jared Leto has the outline of the arrow tattooed on each of his calves. The echelon symbol is a large black X with a circle through it. Each of the four glyphs is place around the X on the inside of the circle. This symbol is for the band's fans, and is intended to show the close relationship between the band and its fans. The skull seal represents each member of the band, as does the triad, or air symbol, showing the relationship between three different pieces of one whole, or the three current members of the band. Drummer Shannon Leto, guitarist Tomo Milicevic and singer Jared Leto all have the triad symbol tattooed on themselves.

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I assume you are talking about the four-character one, that was on the cover of their first album? If so, it stands for "30 seconds to mars" The first symbol, represents
1. Get familiar with the color scheme. The group's stage costumes are usually red, black or white. They believe red is the color of passion, love, blood and life. These are all things
This was created for the second album A Beautiful Lie. It
The band's phoenix logo (which the band named "Mythra" bears the phrase "Provehito in Altum" the band's motto. Roughly translated from Latin, this means "
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