What size breasts are 34b?


Although the American women's average bra size was 34B in 1993, 20 years later it is slightly smaller than average. In 2013, the average bra size was determined to be 34DD.

Bra size is based on the relationship between two measurements, the band size and the bust size. There are specific procedures used to obtain these measurements. In general, the larger the difference between the two, the larger the cup size. Band size is subtracted from bust measurement to determine the cup size. A 1-inch difference is an A cup, while a 2-inch difference is a B. Three inches means a C cup, four is a D, and a 5-inch difference is DD.

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34B breasts are about 34" around the rib cage, and the breasts are 2" larger around than
Answer 34B is the equivelant to 12B in most bra sizes. Which is roughly 35". It usually means you have a smaller back rather than breast size. this size is a good size, not to
Medium. 34B was the average US bra size up until the last 20 years or so when the obesity epidemic took over and all of the fat people started skewing the average upward. Many/most
The_din has provided a great response about how to measure and figure bra size. However, I would note again that the change in average bra size really is due to the increase in being
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