Where Can You Get Specs or an Engine Diagram for a Chevy 350 Engine?


One of the most reputable ways to get an accurate 350 Chevy engine diagram is to order one from Chevy. One can also purchase a Chilton book for the specific year and model of the engine. There are also many diagrams available online.
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1. Disconnect the battery. The ground cable should be disconnected first, followed by the positive cable. The ground cable can be identified by the " symbol stamped into the
The first Chevy 350 engine debuted in the 1967 Camaro. It followed in other Chevys
Cross-firing due to bad sparkplug wires (if so equipped), a bad distributor cap (if so equipped), too lean a mixture causing pre-ignition, vacuum leaks, too much spark-advance causing
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Specs for the Chevy 350 can be had from either a Chilton's or Haynes manual. These two are the most common. It is important to have the correct year of manufacture for the engine.
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