What does 3 cubic centimeters equal in milliliters?


In volume and capacity measurements, 3 cubic centimeters equals 3 milliliters. To convert from cubic centimeters to milliliters, one needs to know conversion equivalents.

This conversion equivalent states that 1 cubic centimeter is equal to 1 milliliter in volume and capacity. Conversely, one also can use this conversion equivalent to convert from milliliters to cubic centimeters. For example, to find the how many cubic centimeters are in 4 milliliters, one can easily see that the answer is 4 cubic centimeters.

By using equivalents or conversion factor charts, one can find many different volume and capacity measurements. For example, to convert from cubic centimeters to centiliters, one finds that the conversion factor is 0.1 from a conversion chart.

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3cc = 3ml Nice and convienient, the metric system. ;0.
The answer is 1.3 cc = 1.3 ml. !
There are 1,000 milliliters, or mL, in a liter (L) One liter is also equal to .01 hectoliters (hL) 0.1 dekaliters (daL) ten deciliters (dL) or 100 centiliters (cL)
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3 cubic centimeters is equal to 3 milliliters.
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