What are some good ideas for a 3D animal cell project?


A great way to bring a biology lesson to life is to create a model of the subject that you've been learning about. If you are learning about animal cells, here are some creative ideas for making two and three-dimensional models that may help you memorize important structures and have fun while you learn.

  • Use food products; if you're not worried about keeping your model intact forever, it can be fun to create your animal cell out of food products. Try using a cake or cupcakes for your base, and then modeling structures using different candies.

  • Try clay and Styrofoam; a middle school classic, cutting and painting Styrofoam balls and adding clay forms for the structures allows you to make an accurate animal cell model.

  • Use your computer; you can also use any basic drawing program on your computer to sketch out your cell. If you're feeling more ambitious, or are computer savvy, try making a 3d model in a modeling program.

  • Draw it out; probably the simplest method on this list, simply copying an image from your textbook may be very helpful (and less time consuming). Draw an outline of the cell and its structures, and then make multiple copies on a copier so that you can practice labeling.

  • Good luck!
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    1. Mix 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup water in a bowl until they are completely blended. This mixture will be used to create your cytoplasm. Add a few drops of food coloring,
    1 Get materials to make your cell parts. You'll be making the parts of your cell out of various food and kitchen items. What you use is up to you but here are a few ideas: Nucleus
    umm i made one a foam circle for main body (micheals) and a battery for the nucleus.
    All you have to do is find random objects in your house of go out to buy some stuff that looks similar to the organelles and then put them together. PS Jell-o may be a good idea at
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